How to play
Want to know how to become the best laser tag player? See the tips on the right. These are fundamental tips which are of paramount importance. Aim for the hitpoints, keep moving, keep shooting, shoot PowerPods... Visit your local arena to train and see on the profile page how your skills progress and improve with each game. Be determined, keep practicing, and you might just become world's best laser tag player...!
The Game

Imagine yourself to be on the doorstep of a misty and awesome looking arena. You see red lights on your left, a player ducking for cover on your right. LaserMaxx has started. You grab your gun and overlook the situation. Two enemies on your left, one has spotted you. Rushing in would be suicide and you back down behind cover. You look over your hiding place and you wonder what your options are. Only putting the gun over the low wall is not an option as there is a sensor in the gun as well. So many sensors with LaserMaxx, no way to cheat.

A friend joins you. 'You take the left, I'll take the right,' you order and you stand up to lead by example. Shots are fired and your display shows that you have hit one. One left. You hear sounds and lights right next to you. Your friend was hit. One against one. One last shot. At least 35 meters away. You carefully aim, pull the trigger. You see the shot being fired away, right in the center of his vest. You won.

The many functions of LaserMaxx make sure you will have a great time with your friends, family or colleagues. It gives you an experience you will never forget! Many of our arenas have fun tournaments or leagues for you to participate in. Don't hesitate to visit any of the locations to ask what fun they offer! Game time lasts mostly about 12 minutes while typically the team with the most hits wins. Everybody gets a personal scorecard at the end. That way, you can check what your score was the following day too!

The PowerPods And MiniPods

The PowerPods and MiniPods give a whole new game experience. The PowerPod can work as a base of a team to offer multiple different game strategies. Shoot at the PowerPod or Minipod 3 times with 5 seconds in between each time to receive a cool bonus such as Rapid Fire, Invisibility, Sniper Precision, Invulnerability or even Stealth mode!

The Anti-Stalking Option

Being shot time after time again is not fun for any player. That is why we invented the Anti-Stalking Option. After you have been shot, your pack is out for five seconds. After those five seconds you have one second where you cannot be shot, but you can shoot! Use this to get rid of that annoying stalker! LaserMaxx is fun for everybody!

The Sensors

Did you know that LaserMaxx has 9 sensors in its vest and gun? These sensors catch the light shot by the gun and guarantee that if you shoot correct you actually hit someone. With 9 sensors LaserMaxx is able to guarantee an accuracy of 100% over a distance of 35+ meters! The best accuracy on the longest distance. Even the gun has a sensor in it. This ensures that enemies cannot cheat by hiding behind a wall while shooting over it so they cannot be shot themselves. Full realism, full fun! Only at LaserMaxx!

The Gun

The gun transmits a light beam that is caught by the sensors. This triggers a response from the microprocessors within the gun as if a person was hit: light flashes and your display shows that you have made a hit. We have a 100% accuracy over 35+ meters although we do not use a lens in our gun, like so many others. A lens breaks quickly and requires a lot of repairs. That is why we do not use it. But how do we do it? That is perhaps the best kept secret in the industry. Many have tried but nobody can imitate it! LaserMaxx is more accurate with a better durability!

The Speakers

With speakers on not just one, but both (!) shoulders you are able to fully experience sounds that are played. From 'happy birthday' to voice guidance which gives you tips and tricks on how to play during the game, EVO-5 offers an experience never to forget!