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December news

Happy to announce LaserMaxx EVO-6 openings in Miesitz (Germany), St. Lo (France), Grootebroek (the Netherlands). Mantiz openings in BRNO (Czech Republic) and Hollviken (Sweden) and VirtualMaxx openings in Bathgate (United Kingdom) and Harderwijk (the Netherlands)!

Career statistics

Rank: Sergeant 1st Class (6)
Games: 6
Shots: 1058
Hits: 126
Hit by: 81
Hit Ratio: 1.56
Accuracy: 11%
Total Score: 12600
AVG. Score per Game: 2100

Achievements Unlocked

MVP - Get first place in a game.
Assassin - Get the highest accuracy in a game.
Trigger-finger - Get the most shots in a game.
Competitor - Play a game of LaserMaxx.
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