LaserMaxx Stockholm

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
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Bra personal med bra lokal!


Väldigt bra ställe med bra personal!


Nice funny




I love it!

Lika bra som alltid

Very good Place for Laser Game

very good game i like lol


So much fun!

Was fun

Good game

Many cover, but easy to get pinned down by them, which creates a nice balance.


Nice place:)

Best course in Stockholm!


I like it

I enjoyed it

Im lovin it

Best birthday present ever


I loved it

I love it


Bästa stället ????

jag gillade mina lag kamrater


It was very good much wow much cool

nice room, with a lot of nooks to hide in and platforms to get an overview of the room.

It was a lot of fun playing with friends and guys from my school. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun and exercise it was. The only thing that I felt was missing was different game modes like elimination CTF FFA etc.

If only I could play this every day


Real fun!

Riktigt kul och svettigt :-)








Absolut den fetaste arenan för lazergame.Sjukt roligt.

Really fun!!

best activity if you want to live out your counter strike fantasy

Nice work out :)


Very fun!


Love it

det var den bästa laserdom jag varit i !!!!!

Själv har jag aldrig varit på laserdom förrut så detta var första gången och boy jag älskade det. Precis vad jag letat efter under alla dessa år. Trevlig personal, en bra stor arena, sköna vapen och västar och amazing gamemodes. Silent sniper blev min favorit under min dag. Jag kommer att återvända.

Awsome map with professional players.

Love it!

Bra skit. Lite oorganiserat men annars bra


Great game!

Bästa stället att ha kul på!

Epic day

Kidnappad och inkastad i en neonfärgad lokal med tjugo småkids, what's there not to love?

6 stjärnor


Very fun to play

Not bad overall, maybe not let more than 20 people in (played a couple of games with 27-29 people - too crowded)

fun fun fun


Så kul

its the best place in stockholm

They had power ups but all 4 of them are gone

Bätre än laserdome.

Bästa laserdoom jag varit på!!


Fun, action packed team building!!

It's very fun and super fun to be there and play with your friends

Det är en bra banna, bra utrustning, fina camping ställen.


Very fun to run around first round and play hero and on the second round snipe people.Lol

Take back the bulldog gamemode.

Take back the gamemode bulldog

It's a very good arena with nice weapons and nice workers! They are chill and always help you out with whatever happens and they are really fun to talk too! The customers are ranging from child to adult and its really fun to face them all!